Good Security Practices on Many Machines

Keep Your Keys Separate

In other words, only use the keys specific to your machine’s purpose.

  • Your master/farming key should not be in your plotting machine(s).
  • Your master/farming key should not be in your harvester machine(s).

Farming On Multiple Machines

Plotting On Multiple Machines

Buried in the Farming on many machines wiki page is this relevant tidbit:

When creating plots on the other harvesters, use chia plots create -f farmer_key -p pool_key, inserting the farmer and pool keys from your main machine. Alternatively, you could copy your private keys over by using chia keys add, but this is less secure.

Harvesting On Multiple Machines

Follow the instructions on setting up certificates on harvesters on the Farming on many machines wiki page.

Keep Your Wallet Separate

One way to not get your wallet hacked is to not have it accessible to the internet. Here is how to do this: Chia Keys Management

Your reward address for chia rewards should be a separate key as well, kept in an offline machine. You can generate an address on a different computer, and put this address in the config.yaml (farmer.xch_target_address and pool.xch_target_address), so if your farming machine gets hacked, you don't lose past rewards. (Source)

How to Find Your Keys

Use the following command in a safe place. Your private and public keys will be visible.

You’ll need to use the CLI. Use this command to list all your keys: chia keys show

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